Shipping Guidelines

We can ship from Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU), in Morrisville, NC, via
American Airlines or Delta.   We do require a minimum purchase of $200
to ship.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping related expenses and these
must be paid to me in advance.  You may choose to purchase your own
carrier and ship directly to us.  

*all fees subject to change*
Gas to/from airport (2 hrs one way) - $30
Airline Fee (less than 50 lbs) - $180
Carrier/carrier modifications - $30
Health certificates (required by some airlines) - $10/rabbit
Certificate of Acclimation (required by some airlines) - $10 total

Because I work during the day, I cannot ship out any earlier than
mid-afternoon.  This means your shipment will arrive in the evening.  You
will need to receive shipment from the cargo area of the airline.   

Please email with any further questions.
*2007 Tentative Show Schedule*
JW Nationals, April 28, Syracuse, NY
Sales Policy
  • We do not sell bunnies under 8 weeks of age.
  • No sale considered final unless paid in full
  • Persons on waiting/sales list have priority
  • We reserve the right the cancel a sale at any time if we feel it is in the
    best interest of the animal.
  • Cash or money order preferred (add surcharge for Paypal)
  • Refunds/replacement offered at our discretion
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