Rabbit Speak
My hubby was after me to create a page explaining common rabbit terms to the
rest of the world.  So here goes . . .
Buck = Male Rabbit                 Doe = Female Rabbit                Kit = Baby Rabbit

What is a "Leg"?
This refers to show wins.  The bunny wins a "leg" toward the status of "Grand Champion" whenever they
place first in a class of at least five bunnies with at least three exhibitors.  If there are not enough animals in the
class for a leg, they may also earn a leg on Best of Group or Best of Variety in a group or variety of at least
five bunnies with at least three exhibitors.  Or Best of Breed or Best in Show with at least five animals shown
and three exhibitors.

What is a "Grand Champion"?
A Grand Champion is a rabbit which has achieved three legs.  These legs must be under at least two different
judges and one of these legs must be achieved while showing as a senior.  The rabbit must also be registered
(see below) at the age of 6 months or above to receive a Grand Champion Certificate and number.

What is a "registered" bunny?
If a bunny is registered, it means that it has a full three-generation pedigree and has been examined and
declared disqualification free by an ARBA licensed registrar.  The animal must meet all senior requirements of
the breed.  This rabbit may or may not possess traits which would make it a winning show animal, but it has to
be a decent example of the breed.

Show Win Terms
BIS = Best In Show - this is the best rabbit of all breeds shown, picked from the BOB winners in each breed.
BRIS = Best Reserve in Show - the runner-up to best rabbit in show, picked from BOB winners in each breed

BOB = Best of Breed
BOS = Best Opposite Sex of Breed

BOV = Best of Variety - the best of a certain color grouping or variety
BOSV = Best Opposite Sex of Variety

BOG = Best of Group - this refers to breeds like Netherland Dwarfs, who are shown in color groups.
BOSG = Best Opposite Sex of Group

Senior = A rabbit over the age of 6 months
Intermediate = In some large breeds, rabbits between 6-9 months are shown as Intermediates.
Junior = A rabbit under the age of 6 months

Broken = A rabbit with both white and color, in a pattern which should include colored ears and a colored
mask around the mouth and eyes.
Solid = A rabbit of a solid color.

Brood Quality - A rabbit that may have DQ's from showing, such as slightly overweight, but has good qualities
that would be nice in a breeding program.

Show Quality - A rabbit that meets all criteria for showing - no disqualifications.  In my opinion, this should be
a rabbit which could be expected to place well on the show table.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association publishes a book,
The Standard of Perfection, which lists the
requirements for all accepted breeds of rabbit in the United States. Please visit
www.arba.net for more
information on acquiring a copy of this.   
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