Rabbitry News
In 2006, we did a shipment to the beautiful country of Finland.  We've kept in touch and have found a wonderful friend
in Dita, who requested the shipment.  She shared this picture of RoseLine's Picalina & RoseLine's Ella with the family
"on holiday" at the lakes in the summer.  
Recently, Dita emailed to say that the American imports are making awesome babies!  We shipped to her five RoseLine
bunnies and one from Laurie Stroupe of The Nature Trail.  

RoseLine's Bailey (buck) went to live with Dita's friend, Eivor Byggmaster (Eti).  Bailey produced
Eti's lilla Megan, a
chestnut doe.  She won 94.5 points (best junior) and won BIS 2 of all breeds in her first show in Vaasa 14th October.

Then from Dita's rabbitry, The Nature Trail's Kaboom (grandson of GC BBF's Yankee Doodle Dandy) produced
, a black tort buck.  Thyme earned 95 points, which equals to a "certificate" (like a leg but harder to get, need
95 points at least). There were about 50 lops and
Thyme was the only one to get a certificate.  He won best of breed
and then BIS 2 of all breeds in his first show in Vantaa 21st October.

In Finnish shows, a rabbit needs 3 certificates in A class (seniors over 6 months) to become a Finnish Champion.  (NOT
EASY!)  Willow's Thyme is pictured below.  
Taylorsville, NC
RoseLine's Shimmer earns his 3rd & Granding leg.