Pets Pages
We invite you to read over these pages for
more info on the needs of a pet bunny & use
this info to help determine what you are
looking for in a bunny.  

Following are a few pictures of our bunnies
which have been placed in pampered pet homes.
Jared & Lilly (Holland Lop)
Annie & Beau (Holland Lops) - also Living w/Tricia & Shawn in NC
"We took Annie to the vet today for her first check up. Of
course she was in excellent health. Everyone in the vets office
absolutely fell in love with her. She was giving out kisses to
everyone in the office . . . I think he had a hard time getting out
of the office with her."
Noah (Holland Lop) - Living with Tricia & Shawn in NC
Noah was Tricia and Shawn's first RoseLine bunny - now they have
three, plus an older retired brood doe that they adopted.  These
bunnies have a life of luxury & love.  They have successfully
bonded two spayed/neutered pairs.  They even ride around with
bunnies in the car!  
See Noah & his friend Margie
Caroline w/Blizzard (Netherland Dwarf)
in Northern VA
Bubbles (Netherland Dwarf) w/Hannah Beth in VA
Savannah (Holland Lop) phones home!
Living w/the McCool family in Northern VA
     Thoughts on Bunny Age . . .

When folks inquire about about pets, they sometimes ask for "babies".  
Seems like everyone wants a cute baby bunny.  However, it has always been
my experience that you can tell much more about the personality of an
older bunny.  In fact, I recently discovered this mentioned in the ARBA
Handbook, page 185:  

"Rabbits may not reach their full potential for a relationship with a human
until they have reached the adult stage (5 to 9 months) for this reason the
adoption of a six month old or older can be very rewarding . . . Older
rabbits are often more easily litter box trained.  Rabbits reach their peak
of curiosity and hyperactivity at 4 to 8 months."

I agree with this fully and encourage people to give an older bunny a
chance.  I am more able to match a bunny's personality to an owner if the
bunny is older.  Please let our experience and the knowledge of our bunnies
guide you in making your decision on the age of your new pet bunny - after
all, they ALL grow up - and very quickly!
Basic Supply List for Your New Pet Bunny

Wire-bottom cage, at least 18" x 24"
(available at Tractor Supply Stores or online vendors such as,

Quality rabbit pellets, no more than 17% protein, alfalfa as first ingredient
Quality Timothy hay or Orchard grass
Water crock or bottle (crocks preferred for an outdoor bunny)
Wood block (untreated) or other suitable chew toy
Wire cat brush for grooming

Old fashioned oats - mix with a few black oil sunflower seeds
Other suitable treats, such as carrots, spinach, apple, banana (no gassy
Litter box if you plan litter training
Paper based litter, pine shavings or other suitable material (no clay litter or
cedar shavings)
Toys - tuna cans, jingle balls, hay stuffed in toilet paper roll, etc.

And of course . . .

If anyone has suggestions for other "necessities", please let me know!
Also, if you'd like your pet bunny added to the page, please send comments
and pictures to
Holland Lops
Living with Dean in VA
Sgt Pepper (Holland Lop)
Living with Monika in Northern VA
Pallina (Netherland Dwarf) - Living with Niki in
Northern VA
This site is run by my good friend Laurie and has
lots of pet rabbit info - check it out!  
Hermes in his little house