A Bunny Life . . .
Ahhh babies!  The joy they bring!  This page will be devoted to little ones and we will attempt to
chronicle how they grow.  It's amazing how they change.
Newborn Holland Lop Litter
The mother rabbit makes a nest of hay and
lines it with her warm fur.  The "kits" are born
hairless and with eyes and ears sealed shut.  
They weigh a mere few grams at birth.  (this is
a litter of tort color - born lighter in coloration
than the bunnies pictured below)
Four-day old chocolate Holland Lop
Here we see the difference between a chocolate chestnut and a black
chestnut - very evident from birth
And at about 12 days, they are starting to open
their little eyes, so we have changed out the box
and removed the fur (to prevent possible eye
infection).  They are also starting to nibble hay.
This is the nest again, at about 7 days.  Now we
see lots of color!  We have two solid chocolate, one
chocolate chestnut & one black chestnut.  I think
we have two does and two bucks in the litter.
6 week of age!  What a darling boys these are!  They show the hallmarks of developing
into beautiful show quality Hollands.  Check out the thick bone and short legs, wide
crown and nice width between the eyes, chubby cheeks.  We are really excited about
them.  But rest assured, they will go through a gawky period and won't always look so
cute.  There is really no telling at this point how they will turn out as far as show
worthiness.  But they sure are adorable bunnies, whether they ever become champions
is just "icing on the cake".  We love seeing them grow strong and healthy.  
More to come!
Remember I said I *think* there are two does?  
Turns out there is only one doe - this little chocolate
chestnut.  She's a cutie for sure!  Here she is in the
box at 3 week old  The nestbox has been turned on
it's side.  This still allows the babies a shelf to sit
on, but also allows them more freedom.
Here's our little chocolate boy at 3 weeks, posing
for pictures for our Easter theme.  The babies are
at their very cutest at 3-4 weeks in my opinion.
A Netherland Dwarf doe peeks
out of her nest.