Grand Champion RoseLine's Kiss
Kiss was an exceptional bunny in every way.   She was absolutely the sweetest, most gentle bunny
we've ever seen.  She was such a nicely typed Holland also.  Even as a grandmother, she still rocked on
the show tables.  She won our first Best of Breed and went on to Best in Show back in November of
2002.    She won her last Best of Breed and Best Reserve in March of 2005, then officially retired.  
She only attended one National show - where she placed 11th of 66 at the 2005 Holland Lop Nationals,
at the age of three.  Sadly, we lost Kiss in late 2005.  She will always hold a very special place in our
Had taken many pictures of Kiss over the years,
but never got a picture which I thought captured
her true grace and beauty.  Well, Finally we did!  
These lovely pictures of her were taken in May
of '05.  She is two weeks pregnant here and
looking her best!  Blue was obviously her color! :-)
Kiss and her Great-Grandchildren, Nolee & Kazam
Kiss at 8 weeks of age