In Loving Memory
A rose for each special life whose time has been completed . . . Our friends who have gone
on to the Rainbow Bridge will always have a special place in our hearts.
GC RoseLine's Dancer
Dancer left his legacy here and is forever in our
hearts.  We won't forget his kisses!  
GC RoseLine's Rap
Rap was a super friendly guy whom we had great
hopes for as a herd buck.  
RoseLine's Brooke (5 jr legs)
Brooke was a beautiful broken blue doe who passed
away from a birthing complication.  We were so
sorry to lose her.
Our sweet baby - my husband says "she wasn't a baby, she was as
much of a lady as any piggy could be".  .  . She was everyone's
favorite cavy.  She will always be missed.
Susan's London
London was one of
Somer's favorite does & a great
producer.  Mother of Lang & Lullaby -
she was very special.
Golden Squeek
What a sweet little mouse - she lived 2
years, which is old for a mouse!
GC JB's Jeronimo
Sweet Roni only lived with us for a
short while.  He was a beautiful buck
& a fine producer.
He was a special kitty.
He was a great cat.
Saynora's Jordan
Jordan was our starting herd buck
and such a sweet baby.  
                GC RoseLine's Tiki
Somer's favorite Holland, Tiki's untimely death was very
difficult for her to deal with.  She wrote this special eulogy for

Tiki, my baby.  He died way to soon,  Too young,
too nice.  I know in Heaven he is happier.  I know
God takes care of him.  The day he saw that
Golden Gate, he knew God was calling him to
come home.  God took all his sickness and all the
hurtful things that had happened in his life.  We
miss him so, but we will all see him again
someday and we know now that he is being taken
care of.  As much as I cry and wish he will come
back these days, he will never come back, but I
will see him again.

I love you, Tiki, my boy, And I hope to see him
again one day.                                               Love,
GC RoseLine's Kiss
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RoseLine's Romeo
Romeo was to be our orange
herd buck, but we lost him way
too young.  Here he is as a 12
week old.  
RoseLine's Tinkerbelle
Tinker lived a long life and was a
wonderful mother!  We were so
saddened to lose her unexpectedly.
GC RoseLine's Aubrey
Aubrey was Taylor's special boy & he
is greatly missed.