Above is an example of a registration certificate.

Registration is a privilege for members of the American Rabbits Breeders Association.  The rabbit must be examined by an ARBA
licensed Registrar to be declared disqualification free.  (Yes, there are rabbits who sometimes earns legs, but do have a disqualification -
things can be missed in the hustle and bustle of the show table.)  The Registrar will check for general disqualifications:  maloclussion,
mismatched or white toenails in colored animals, split penis, eye spots, etc. and for breed specific DQ's.  A pedigree of at least three
generations must be presented to the Registrar, along with your ARBA membership card.  The cost of registering a rabbit is currently
$4.  ARBA requires that a Registrar be present at all ARBA sanctioned shows.  

Once a rabbit is registered, it may only be shown by the owner of record.  If the rabbit is sold, the registration must be transferred to the
new owner before showing.  There is a small form on the back of the registration form which tells you how to transfer.  

A rabbit must be registered to apply for a Grand Champion Certificate.  
How to Register a Rabbit