Bunny Friends
We've met some of our closest friends through the rabbit hobby.  We all have so much fun when
we get together & it's not just rabbits we have in common.  Heck, a rabbit show is just an excuse
to drive several hours so we can be together!  We try not to get into too much trouble -- but
sometimes that's difficult!  

There are quite a few bunny folks on myspace now, its a great way to keep in touch.  
Mine is: www.myspace.com/arbajudge2b
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Lisa Young & I on the night before my wedding.  
Heidi, Brenda, Lisa & Cindy at Greensboro show '08
The younger generation:
Taylor, Fayth & Lyndsey at Greensboro show '08
Somer & Paige at Greensboro '08