About Us
In the Spring of 2001, we decided to get a bunny as a pet.  I researched care and breeds and we
decided Hollands would be great.  We started looking for a breeder.  What luck!  There was a
breeder just 45 minutes from us.  We called her up and she had a few youngsters available.  We
bought two does as pets - but these soon became our first brood does.

Taylor is 17, Somer is 15, & we have a two year old little boy name Kain.  :-)    

I achieved my ARBA Registrar license in 2004 & hope to achieve my judge's license one day.  

We currently have a rabbitry of just 15 holes and raise and show
Holland Lops rabbits.   We are
working on some color projects & not attending many shows at this time.  We have to cull hard
with such a small rabbitry but feel that makes the quality of our rabbits so much the better.  
After all, it only takes one to win!  

We have attended five ARBA National Conventions in the past & hope to attend in PA 2013.

Raising bunnies is truly wonderful and we are having a blast and making lots of new friends.  
Keep an eye on RoseLine!  We'll be out there showing all over the Southeast region.
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Hubby & I Leaving the Church on
Our Wedding Day