Breed Information

There are currently 47 breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.  We have chosen to
focus our efforts in breeding and showing on four of these:  Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarf and
Silver Fox.  Three of these are "dwarf" breeds, meaning they carry a dwarfing gene which makes them a smaller
size than the average rabbit.  The larger Silver Fox are 10-12 lbs, making them the giants of our rabbitry.  

The Holland Lop

Holland Lops are considered a dwarf breed, with adult weight ranging from 2.08 - 4 lbs.
Bunnies must weigh at least 2 lbs to show and be under 4 lbs.  You will sometimes see
a Holland as large as 5 lbs, but this is rare and not desirable.  Anything above 5 lbs would
more likely be a Mini Lop, which are 6-8 lbs fully mature. The only dwarf lops in the U.S.
are the Holland Lop and the wooled American Fuzzy Lop.

Hollands have wonderful, outgoing personalities. Their pudgy faces and little lopped ears
make them among the cutest of all bunnies.  Their small size makes them easy to handle
and care for.  For these reasons, they are very popular as pets and show animals.  There
is a wide variety of colors, both solids and in conjunction with white.  By far the most common
color is black tortoiseshell, commonly referred to as "tort".  Pictured above is a broken chocolate - which is a rare color.  

The Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest of the recognized breeds, with adult weight ranging
from 1.08 - 3 lb.  They must weigh 1 lb to show and max weight is 2.08 lbs.  They also
have an ear length maximum for showing, which is 2.08 inches.  

Netherlands are darling little bunnies. While typically not as outgoing as a Holland Lop, they
are sociable and very smart.  They seem to have a great capacity for bonding with
their humans
and are more wary of strangers.  Again, their small size makes them easy to handle and care for.
They are very popular as pets and show animals.  There is a wide variety of solid colors and now
broken colors are being developed in the breed.  Pictured to the right is a siamese sable.  
The Jersey Wooly

The Jersey Wooly is similar to Netherland Dwarf in many ways, but has an
easy-care wool coat.  They are the smallest of the wooled breeds and their
wool is not developed to really be used for spinning (though it can be done).  
Their weight range is 2.00-3.08 lbs.  They must weigh 1.08 lbs to show and
maximum show weight is 3.08 lbs.  Their ear length must be no more than
3 1/2 inches to show.  

Jersey Woolies are sweet and loving creatures.  Their developing wool
makes them the darlings of the rabbitry when they are babies - too cute, as you can see above!
They typically have friendly personalities and require weekly grooming, especially as young bunnies.
Once the adult coat is in, the proper coat will not matt as much and grooming time is reduced.  
However, some JW's keep a more fine, cottony coat as adults and this requires more upkeep.  

The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is a large breed of commercial type (meat/fur bearing rabbits).  They
are large rabbits, at 10-12 lbs maturity.  Their fur is longer than normal fur and very
dense, "silvered" with white.  Their fur should stand when stroked back to front and
remain that way until stroked back.  They are beautiful animals and are currently only
showable in the black variety, though blues are in development.  

Silver Fox are very laid back and like big teddy bears.  Even though they are large,
they are gentle to hold and have very even temperments.  I've noticed ours tend to
"talk" a lot - making little peeping noises.