Somer's Page
Somer was quite the little bunny breeder!  Even when she was very young, she knew tons about
rabbits.  She learned the joy of a new birth and also the loss of an old friend.  Somer is now a teen &
involved in many other things.  She still enjoys doing photography of the bunnies.     

Look how she's grown over the years!  
Somer snuggling with Lullaby, her favorite ND.
Somer with her first BOB and BOS wins with
two bunnies she bred - Lang & Felicitie!  She
was so very proud of this win!
Somer at age 3, adoring one of
her very first baby bunnies!
Somer & Hannah showed together when they were just
little girls.  Here they are at the ANDRC banquet 2006.  
Somer at age 7 with her
wonderful buck, Lang
Somer at almost 14.